Michael Fitzgerald Risk Manager

Professional Ag Marketing’s risk manager Michael Fitzgerald has a family-farming operation and is familiar with many aspects of his customers’ businesses. A deliberative and strategic thinker, he uses education, ag experience and industry resources to maximize client profits and achieve their goals.

By establishing close-knit relationships with clients, he will help drive value to make a client’s operation profitable.

Professional Summary

A Little About Me

Expertise: I bring over 15 years work experience in the industry. I am a useful asset on the supply chain relationship management side of a client’s business.


  • 9 years Professional Ag Marketing
  • 7 years Cargill Meat Solutions, which became JBS. Focused on long-term relationships with clients, risk management strategies and offered tools to help suppliers succeed and minimize company risk. I have a deep understanding of what goes into the USDA reports with my background of being a mandatory price reporting manager for Cargill and analyzing and submitting information to the USDA.

Education: B.S. in Agricultural Business, Iowa State University

Hometown: Mechanicsville, IA

Family: Wife Kalli and children Dylan, Blake, and Sawyer

Hobbies: In our free time, we enjoy almost anything outdoors … hunting, fishing, fun on the water and working with our show cattle. This gives me the opportunity to not only spend time with my kids, but it’s a great opportunity to introduce them to our family farming operation.